Chapter 8

Chapter 8


Jesus, Paul and the Task of the Church


N.T Wright ends the book Paul with a great summary of the whole book, this book has brought me to a better understanding of Paul. Not the Paul that was taught to me but the deeper side of Paul, Paul the Preacher and Paul the bridge builder. Who Paul is  proclaiming the kingdom of God to and why he is moved my love to preach to the whole world. The Paul that teaches about Love and how Love is a better understanding of Jesus.


N.T Wright says in the first part of the Chapter what the relationship is with Paul and Jesus

“ Jesus preached about God But Paul preached about Jesus. Or if you like, Jesus announced the Kingdom of God, Paul announced the Mesiahship of Jesus.”


This moves the reader into, what has happen to me in most of the Chapter which, to ask for myself who is Jesus for me? Something that Wright says in page 168” our labels of culture, philosophy, politics, sociology religion and even theology are all alike inadequate.” Most labels we put on Paul and his mission is something that could be false. We have learned in this class that Paul’s Letters should be read in context of the people and the time that Paul lived, not our time.

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  1. Bro. Michael,
    Thank you for the summary. I feel some what the same, on teachings of Paul.
    I was not given the full side of St. Paul’s teaching until now. this book has also brought to a better understanding on St. Paul. Yes there is still questions of understanding needed to be address But Wright has made this real heavy. where you can sit back and say hummm and research more.

  2. Thanks Bro. Michael,
    I thought Wright’s explanation about Paul’s justification by faith was really interesting. He states that this was not about conversion but about identification at his time for gentiles to understand or know who were God’s true people.

  3. Great Job Brother Michael…I never thought of the teachings of Jesus Christ vs. Paul, until N.T Wright brought to my attention. Jesus taught His followers about the Love of God His Father through stories, parables, and sermons how one should prepare themselves to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Paul’s teachings were all about Jesus Christ, the new creation…His death on the cross, resurrection, empty tomb, witnesses, miracles are the very foundation of our faith. Since Christ conquered death, His followers will also conquer death through Him.

  4. Br. Michael – A nice summary. Wright does wrap it up quite well in this last Chapter. I certainly learned a lot about Paul and for that matter Jesus Christ the Messiah that I did not have full understanding of before. Some of Wright’s writing I still have to wrap my head around – especially Paul’s philosophy about Jesus and the Apocalypse.

  5. Brother Michael, a nice summary of the final chapter. I liked where the the author compared the teachings of Jesus and Paul like that between a composer and conductor this explanation hit home with me. It was a great way to better understand Paul’s ministry.

  6. Brother Michael – a good, concise summary. I have a greater appreciation for Paul and his intense devotion to Christ and his complete conversion to Christianity. He doesn’t seem to have missed a step in taking the Jews completely around to Christ. He is a true Apostle and slave for the Lord.

  7. Thank you Brother Michael. A great summery of the chapter which is a summery of the book. Very concise. A good way to finish the book of how Paul preached of Jesus and his messiah-ship.

  8. Brother Michael,

    Thanks for the summary. I agree this has helped me understand Paul in a new way. I liked this summary chapter and the contrast some felt and the way NT Wright clarifies.

  9. Brother Michael,
    Through all the trials and tribulations of Paul’s letters. The battles with false teaching from the other so-called apostles and battle with pagans Paul shows that it all comes down to the messiahship of Jesus Christ. Paul exhorts and encourages to bring people to the understanding that Jesus is Lord and savior.

  10. I am with Gerald in that it has never occurred to me to see Jesus’ and Paul’s teachings in opposition to or distinction from one another. However, Wright’s explanation that Jesus was preaching God and that Paul was preaching Jesus as Messiah is a nice way to wrap up many of his previous points made throughout the book. In this chapter, I especially enjoyed the closing section in which Wright compared salvation history to five acts of a play, of which the Church is “improvising” the material between the opening and closing of the fifth act. It is always fitting to end a work with a call to action, when it is so easy to get caught up in thinking and theorizing about what we have read.

  11. Br. Michael, a very good concise summary. I really liked how Wright described the relationship between Jesus and Paul as similar to a composer and a conductor, or an architect and a builder.

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